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Original screenplay wrote by Elemér Magyar and Daniel Magyar,

The synopsis

In the autumn of 2035 an American general makes a special offer to the Convict serving his sentence, and if he accepts the offer and carries out the mission, he can regain his freedom: he can be the fortunate son.

New York City

The mission relates to the assassinations of US President Gerald Ford in September 1975, 60 years earlier.


The secret operation is complicated by the fact that the Convict is leaving in an experimental time machine, and no one can be sure when or where he will arrive, and whether the mission will be successful.

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Dániel Magyar

"I have been working in the 3D film industry for more than 20 years. Among others, I was the art director of 'Egon and Dönci', the first 3D animated cartoon in Hungary, which was sold in more than 70 countries.
In 2011 I worked as an Environment artist in Sir David Attenborough's first 3D documentary,
'Flying Monsters 3D', which won a BAFTA award in the technical category.

For the past 6 years, I have worked for international film and production companies such as National Geographic, Netflix, Amblin Partners, Sky, Atlantic Productions, Amazon Prime, Goldcrest Films, A24."
Elemér Magyar  
scriptwriter, attorney

"I spent a total of forty-four years in legal practice: in the role of accuser and then defender. Currently, I write plays and dramas for theatres.

My most successful drama is called 'Black and White'. Kossuth-, Balázs Béla- and EMMY prize winner cinematographer Elemér Ragályi shot his film drama titled 'No Mercy' based on my drama in 2006." 

The Fortunate Son

3D animated short movie

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Original screenplay wrote by Elemér Magyar and Daniel Magyar,